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Cases of Conversion

This study is specifically designed to examine New Testament Cases of Conversion to find out what people did in the Bible to be saved and what people must do today.

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C&C-7 - What Must I Do To Stay Saved?

One of the most encouraging passages in Scripture is found in Acts 8:39. After the Ethiopian eunuch had obeyed God in baptism, the Bible says that he “went on his way rejoicing.” Here is a man who had found the joy of salvation, and it had filled his whole life. That ought to be the motivation for every Christian, but today I want to ask, “What can we do to keep that attitude? What must we do to stay saved, and to have the peace, joy, and happiness that can come only from salvation?” In our series of lessons on “Be Faithful Unto Death,” I want to point out today some things from the Scriptures that each child of God can do to make sure that he is walking down the straight and narrow, and to make sure that he is living the best life in a saved state in God’s eyes.