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Cases of Conversion

This study is specifically designed to examine New Testament Cases of Conversion to find out what people did in the Bible to be saved and what people must do today.

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C&C-5 - After Baptism, Then What?

In the book of Revelation 2:10, our Lord and Savior said, “Be faithful until death and I will give you the crown of life.”
Today, we think about in this series of lessons being faithful, and our Being Faithful series is designed to encourage each of us to strive to live faithfully to the Lord each and every day.
If you're a child of God, you want to be faithful. You want to go to heaven. You want to make the Lord proud. You want to be a good example. Sometimes we're very good at telling people what to do to be saved- but do we follow that up by telling people what to do now that you've become a Christian?